Cláudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco

Cláudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Her father Ruy Pacheco, a major influence in her life, was a well-known physician in Brazil.

He was a member of the Federal Medical Council and twice elected Secretary of the Paulista Medical Association. He supported the socialization of medicine and founded the Santa Casa de Misericordia in Itanhaem for which he donated the land and funded the construction of the hospital. He was influential in obtaining much of the research material for Dr. Cláudia Pacheco’s first book, Healing Through Consciousness – Theomania: the Cause of Stress.

In 1971, she began training as a psychoanalyst at Hospital das Clinicas under the supervision of Professor Vasconcelos, where she was introduced to the work of Dr. Keppe.

From 1972 to 1981, she trained as a psychoanalyst in the Society of Integral Psychoanalysis, later known as the International Society of Analytical Trilogy (ISAT). In 1981 she successfully presented her Doctoral Thesis, Freud and Psychoanalysis, since published in the book Alienating Psychotherapies.

Pacheco was instrumental in founding the first clinic of Integral Psychoanalysis in Brazil where, from 1974-1976, she organized weekly debates among the medical and philosophical communities. These took place on TV Gazeta in São Paulo, where she was assistant director.

She founded the cultural center of ISAT, which provided an exchange between the scientific and artistic communities. At this time she played an active role in the Philosophical Research Group at Faculdades Anchieta, considered the most important school for philosophical research in Brazil.

She founded Proton Publishing House which publishes the works of Analytical Trilogy. She also founded the Review of Analytical Trilogy – a biannual periodical, and the Trilogy Newspaper, both of which carry articles from all sectors of human activity. Trilogy is read today in Brazil, Finland, U.S., Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Italy and England.

In 1979 she organized the first cycle of conferences on psychoanalysis in Brazil, which included an active participation from Arnold Keyserling, philosopher and President of the European Association of Humanistic Psychology.

Pacheco has been the vice-president of ISAT since 1982. She has organized and directed many international Congresses of Analytical Trilogy – in Portugal, New York, Brazil, France, Florida, Stockholm and London.

She has established courses and training in Integral Psychoanalysis for psychotherapists and psychiatrists in Argentina, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, the U.S. and Canada while creating student training clinics in São Paulo, Lisbon and London.

Dr. Pacheco has lectured in many of the major cities and universities in Europe and the Americas. She has attended clients in Brazil, Europe and the U.S. for 25 years and written 4 books, as well as assisting with a number of Dr. Keppe’s books. She continues to assist Dr. Keppe in the formation and orientation of the Trilogical Enterprises and Residences