The mission of the STOP the Destruction of the World Association is to provide consciousness of the root causes of human and social illness and offer therapy based on the Analytical Trilogy science of psycho-socio pathology to heal them.


  • Dis-inverting an upside Down World

    The International Society of Analytical Trilogy, hosted their 19th International Congress, The Energetics of Consciousness in Everyday Life, from July 6th through July 12th 2013. [Read more]

  • Putting Science Back into Spirit

    I was fortunate enough to be recently invited to present at an international conference in Brazil on “The Energetics of Consciousness in Everyday Life”. [Read more]

  • A State of the Planet Address

    Our world has become a giant shopping mall. The buy and sell mentality has squeezed out arts, culture and civilization. We are pushed to materialism, and become sick as a result. [Read more]

  • Liberation of the People - The Pathology of Power

    “We, the people, are in the majority; we are 99%, controlled in a sick manner by 1%. We are the strength and true power (divine) on this earth.”From Liberation of the People: The Pathology of Power, page 24, Norberto R. Keppe, New York, 1986 Get the book FREE here [Read more]

  • Keppe Motor is in Open Source Production

    The Keppe Motor runs cool, has very high and consistent efficiency across all speeds, is easy to make; and its advanced versions are overunity and may eventually be self-looped. More importantly, the group behind it has figured out the secrets to getting along with one another, concepts that can transform our world for good. [Read more]